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Looking for mouth watering Asian Recipes? Easy to cook and delicious to eat.

The most delicious and exciting cuisine can be found in Asia because the ingredients are common and overlap somewhat but each country can has its own unique styles of presentation, preparation or combination. From the big land of China to the island states of the

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Indonesia, all share a same approach to food and attention to details. Garlic, onion, chilies, soy or fish source, vinegar or herbs which provide the taste of hot, salty, sweet, sour and bitter is the Asian cuisine feature.

From this website, we can learn how to prepare a delicious cuisine from soups or starters to the main course, side dishes and desserts such as simple ABC soup, kapitan chicken or dry curry chicken, dim sum, Thai fish cake, sushi for Japan and finish our meal with the delicious desserts such as cendol a nonya famous dessert, banana fitters from Indonesia, mango sticky rice from Thailand to make the perfect end of Asian feast.

Nowadays, Asian ingredients are available in supermarket and food store all over the world. This is a good time to explore the special and excited Asian cuisine. Either hot and spicy or sweet and sour, a delicious temptations are waiting to be discovered.

Introduction Asian Recipes

Rice is the foundation food in Asian. Different kind of rice can get and taste in different country. Basmat rice is a slender long grain rice which has cooling effect when eating with hot and spicy curries which can find in Northern India. Patna rice is long grain rice. Short grain japonica rice which the grains stick together when it cooked is ideal to prepare sushi. Wheat, in the form of noodles or wheaten food as mere is also a favorite food in Asian.

Fish, an important diet in Japanese and also in Thailand cuisine. Partly is because of the country is an island with full of fish stocks and also limited land and make the Japanese cook became famous in preparing fish in wide and different of ways. Fresh and sliced in thickly and served in raw or marianated. In South East Asia, all sorts of fish or seafood are famous in marianated or by being dried in the sun. Dried fish can be an ingredients of a side dish, as a flavoring or as a snack. Dried prawn which have strong taste are more suitable for seasoning than as an independent ingredients.

· Malaysia and Singapore Nonya Cuisine

During 15 century, the Emperor of China sent a princess Hang Li Po to married the Sultan Malacca, Malaya. (During that time is Malaya and not Malaysia) The nobles and servants who came with the princess were stayed in Bukit Cina,Malacca and grew into a class of Strait born Chinese who known as Peranakans. Later some of them migrated to Indonesia and Singapore. Nonyas are the female Strait Chinese descendants and male descendants are called Baba.

Natural food for coloring is one the unique of nonya cuisine. The combination of the flavors and the style of preparing food is another unique of Nonya cuisine. Nonya reflects the culture of the mix community, beside maintaining the use of herbs, mushroom and various types of solid food but it also can mixed with local Malay ingredients such as chilies, turmeric, belacan or mixed with spices from India or ulam (a vegetable), buah keluak, one kind of black nuts from Indonesian. To thicken a curry or sambal, add some candlenuts. Macadamia nuts or raw almonds can be a substitute if cannot get candlenuts. Nonya food is usually served with white rice.

Making nonya food is not a simple affair. The unique and the highly flavors cuisine need a lot of times for preparing the basic of ingredients. It needs a lot of grinding. In the past, the women from the rich family were not allow for social. They will spent their time in preparing the meals and kitchen has become a good gossip place for them. Today, food blender can be replace the pestle and grinding has reduce the time of preparing. To make the Nonya food into a quick and easy things, prepare the spicy pastes in big batch and keep them frozen for ready to cook.

· Chinese Cuisine

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